Transformational energy healing & activations that will balance your chakra system, bring you into alignment with your authentic self, identify and release self-sabotaging karmic patterns that no longer serve you, and ultimately illuminate the path and best life you came here to live and person you intended to be. 

A journey for those committed to their waking path... 



 $222 / 2 Hours - $122 each additional session

Deeply transformative individual work for those who are committed to their personal Awakening and transformation healing process and who want support and guidance through the shifts that are taking place you move into this world of higher frequency and higher consciousness.

Shamanic Energy Healing& Spiritual Guidance is my heart and soul energy healing modality and it is here for me to share with everyone!!!!  It is the pure essence of LOVE. A unique blend of Shamanic intuitive Energy work, Reiki and Intuitive Spirit Guidance focusing on getting to the core issues creating the immediate discomfort/dis-ease, and then through tools that I teach and empower you to bring healing, transmutation, transformation and balance to your Mind, Body & Soul, freeing you to live the Best Life your soul intended.  

If you find yourself at that crossroads in your life right now; perhaps you are challenged by an illness or psychosomatic dis-ease, struggling with addictions, grieving the loss of a relationship or someone you love, perhaps your career is not as you had envisioned it to be or you are feeling lost, or maybe you are just questioning your life’s purpose and looking for a deepened spiritual connection - THEN READING THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AND AN EXCITING TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE JOURNEY IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE FOR YOU.


$30 / 20 min session


$111/ 60 min phone session


Is a technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in each patient's body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. Sessions take place through time and space and are great for sending healing, pain relief and support into the the past, present and future.

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This powerful healing modality can be combined with a healing chakra balancing meditation for an even more powerful healing experience. Allow me to treat you to this wonderful, balancing experience, guided by your Angelic spirit guides.

with Intuitive Guidance
$122 - 90 min session

Trans-Crystal Therapy is an alternate form of vibrational medicine that involves the laying on of crystals to a facilitate a multi-dimensional bioenergetic healing experience in the body.  Combining the bioelectric properties of the crystals, and synchronizing them with universal light energy and your energetic chakra system to achieve the optimum physical, spiritual and emotional healing experience possible.

$60 / session

Sometimes our best friends need TLC and loving care just as much as we do!  I have supported all kinds of pets in their wellness programs, in healing support as well as their end of life care and support.  Let me know how I can be there for you and your best friend today.

The benefits of Reiki pet therapy are: 

* General physical and emotional wellbeing  * Chakra re-balancing for overall health * Assist in stress and anxiety reduction especially with rescued pets and high anxiety dogs *Provides more energy for healing and speedier recovery after surgery  and injuries * Provides a decrease in pain *Assists with comfort when in hospice.


If you, or someone you love, is facing cancer Reiki can help!

This is a journey that is very close to my own heart.  Cancer is a family dis-ease and I know and have experienced personally how much Reiki can support and benefit in so many different ways.  Reiki can offer pain relief, Reiki can give Strength, Hope, Courage, Understanding, Peace and sometimes... Reiki can Heal.  I am here to work with you and your family.


Dana Maginnis


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